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I am 49 years-old. I have been eating a pint of Haagen Dazs everyday(literally) since 2004. I discovered your ice cream yesterday at Dierbergs (St. Louis.)  The White Cake flavor caught my eye. It is delicious! 03/21/09 was the first day in about 5 years that I didn't have "my" Haagen Dazs. Great ice cream! Very creamy and flavorful... I just enjoy great ice cream. I hope you can get more flavors into Dierbergs!

Kevin Wolfe

Saw your ice cream at my local grocery store. I thought I would give it a try! German Chocolate cake is AWESOME!! It really is smoother and packed with flavor! I can't wait to try your other flavors!

Chris Pilch

I tried your ice cream at Tulip Time in Pella, IA this weekend and it is hands down the best ice cream I have ever had. I believe the exact words to my friend were, "Move over Cold Stone." Thanks for a smooth delicious ice cream! I can't wait to try your other flavors!


I need to know where I can buy your ice cream since I live in South Florida and you don't have a store here. This is the best Ice Cream I have ever had.


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Glenn Beck

I'm not a real big ice cream fan. They were giving away free samples at the Oklahoma City State Fair and I figured, "Why not?". This is not ice cream. It's some magical treat that will set the bar for others to follow!

Brandon Eggleston