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About Us

T.J. Paskach and Will Schroder of Blue Sky CreameryIn the spring of 1999, while students at Iowa State University, founders Thomas (T.J.) Paskach and William (Will) Schroeder invented a new way to flash-freeze ice cream using liquid nitrogen. The “mad scientists” soon discovered their breakthrough invention made better homemade ice cream than they had ever had before.  A year later the company was formed, a patent was pending, and a full-scale, computer-controlled prototype was ready for testing at the 2000 Iowa State Fair.

Nitro Ice Cream became an instant hit. The novelty of the process intrigued people to try it once - the incredible texture and flavor brought them back several times with family, friends, even strangers off the street, just to try Nitro Ice Cream!

Blue Sky Creamery Home of Nitro Freeze Ice CreamIn 2001, TJ and Will successfully demonstrated the Nitro Freeze process with a second-generation prototype at the Iowa State Fair, the Clay County Fair, and the Tulsa State Fair.  The second-generation prototype implemented several technology advances improving reliability, ease of use, cleaning, and product quality.

In 2002, the concession operation was expanded by adding the Minnesota State Fair.  And the first retail location, a new ice cream shop called the Blue Sky Creamery, opened in Ankeny, Iowa.  Plans were then completed for a new production model Nitro Freeze machine, the NF-3500.  Armed with this new design, the marketing of the machines was launched at the IAAPA trade show in November, in Orlando, Florida.

In 2004, the Blue Sky Creamery Ice Cream Cafe Franchise concept was rolled out and the first franchise store opened in Minnesota. Additional Blue Sky Creamery  locations have been opened in West Des Moines, Iowa and St. Louis, MO.  Buy Blue Sky Creamery Ice Cream, Gelto and Coffee Online

In 2008 and 2009, Blue Sky Creamery had expanded its mobile operations to more than 25 events and started offering Mobile Franchise opportunities.  From Miami to Las Vegas to Columbus to Calgary, the Nitro Freeze process has been sweeping the continent!  Mobile Franchise have been granted in Eastern Iowa, Wisconsin, Oregon, North Carolina, Phoenix, and Las Vegas so far.

In 2009, demand for our ice cream in different parts of the nation led us to offer pints of Blue Sky Creamery ice cream and gelato available online to be shipped right to your door!